How is shipping priced?

Shipping is priced at a flat $4.95 for the first purchase from a seller per day. All subsequent purchases from that same seller on that same day are charged $.49 for shipping.

Example: If you won three auctions from OPC Baseball, the first item would be charged $4.95 for shipping, and the second and third items would each be charged $.49 for shipping. Then, if you moved to Hit Seekers’ stream and bought a box of basketball cards, that purchase would be charged $4.95 for shipping.

Why does Loupe charge for shipping now?

Loupe has moved to a buyer-paid shipping structure to best support the card shops that sell on our platform. The pricing structure is aligned with industry standards and is intended to cut down on unnecessary additional fees as much as possible.

When does the “Per Day” condition reset?

Because many of the purchases on Loupe happen late at night, shipping prices reset at 6am ET. This is an off-peak time where the fewest number of collectors will be affected by the reset.

Are shipping charges subject to sales tax?

Each state is unique in how they tax shipping charges. Sales tax is determined using the origin location and recipient address.