BANGER - Congratulations, you just found a rare card!    

BGS – BECKETT GRADING SERVICE: A card grading and authenticating company.

BOOK CARD: A card that combines two (or more) cards with either a hinge or a spine.

BOX TOPPER: A special card inserted into the top of some sealed card boxes

BUYBACK CARD: A card bought off of the secondary market by a card company who then reinserts them into current year products.

CASE HIT: Some manufacturers guarantee a rare card in every case of hobby product. This card is known as the case hit.

CUT SIGNATURE: A card containing an autograph that has been cut from a larger document.

DIE CUT CARD: A card that has had part of the card stock removed to create a specific shape.

DOCTORED CARD: A card that has been altered on the secondary market.

FACTORY SET: A complete set of a product packaged by the card manufacturer.

INSERT CARD: A card randomly inserted into packs that are not part of the product’s main set.

IPA (IN PERSON AUTO): A card that has been signed aftermarket by the signee.

PSA - PROFESSIONAL SPORTS AUTHENTICATORS: A card grading and authenticating company.

RAW CARD: An ungraded card.

SGC – SPORTS CARD GRADING: A card grading and authenticating company.

ROOKIE CARD: The first licensed card producedto feature an athlete after they have reached the top level in their respective sport (i.e. NBA, MLB, NFL).

RELIC CARD: A card containing a piece of memorabilia (i.e. pieces of a jersey or a sliver of a baseball bat).

REDEMPTION CARD: A card put into packs in place of autographed or relic cards. They generally come with a code that can be entered onto the card company’s website triggering them to send you the card listed on the redemption once they are available.

PROSPECT CARD: A card produced before the player has a rookie card.

ONE OF ONE (1/1): A one of a kind trading card typically containing the 1/1 stamping.

PARALLEL CARD: Identical to a base card with an additional visual element (i.e. different color border, serial number on card, foil stamping, glossy finish).

FACTORY SET: A complete set of a product packaged by the card manufacturer.

VARIATION CARD: A card containing something different from the base card (i.e. different image, nickname, or error)

SP (SHORT PRINT): A card that has fewer copies than other cards in the same set. Short prints sometimes use a differentphoto than their base counterparts

SSP (SUPER SHORT PRINT): Same definition as short print but with even fewer in circulation.

ON CARD AUTO: A card in which the signee has written their autographs directly on the card before the card was released by the card company.

STICKER AUTO: A card in which a sticker containing the signees signature has been applied to the card by card companies.

SLABBED CARD (GRADED CARD): Used when referring to a professionally graded card as they are encased in a protective plastic slab

PRINTING PLATE: Thin metal sheets that are used by card companies to print each card. They come in four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and are available to pull out of packs (depending on the set).

THE NATIONAL: Refers to the National Sports Collectors Convention which is largest annual sports card show

POP #’S (POPULATION NUMBER): Refers to the number of a particular card that has been graded by a grading service. Can also be used in explaining the number of cards receiving a specific grade (i.e. PSA 10s pop# for a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card is 317 while the PSA 9 pop# is 2746).