Note: Shops are responsible for their policies on how they handle these situations - we only provide baseline information on how some shops do so. We recommend asking the Loupe Live partner you’re purchasing from for their specific policy.

The most common card break is called a “PYT”, or “Pick Your Team” break. These breaks allow you to choose an individual team within the pack, box or case, and typically would mean if there is a card in the product that is a member of your team, you receive that card!

For example, if you collect Yankees cards, you can simply purchase the Yankees in the shop for that product.. Any Yankees cards that come out of that break would be shipped to you!

Other types of breaks include:

  • Divisional Break - Similar to a “PYT” break, a divisional break allows you to choose a division rather than an individual team (For example instead of the Dallas Cowboys, you can choose the NFC East, which would cover Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington). While these are typically more expensive than an individual team, your chances to hit are raised due to the smaller number of spots in the break!

  • Random Team Break - Also similar to “PYT”, the random team break is a method sometimes used so that there is a single price for all teams in a break. If the product is MLB for example, there are 32 spots all at the same price. The breaker will then randomize the names and teams for the break.

  • Hit Draft - These types of breaks guarantee that you will receive a card. Typically, the breaker will sell a number of spots equal to that of the hits in the product. The spots are randomized for order, and in that order, buyers choose (or “draft”) their hits.

  • Serial #ed break - This type of break revolves around serial numbered cards, and is normally only used on products where all cards will be serial numbered. While there are many variables in this, the most common is known as a “Left-Side # Break”, wherein the breaker will sell anywhere from 9 to 100 spots in the break. If the left side serial # matches your number, you get that card!

  • Combo-Break - This break involves multiple teams per break spot, and is often used for multi-sport products. Instead of just purchasing the Chicago Bears for example, you may be able to purchase the Bears, Blackhawks, and Cubs in a single spot!