Loupe credits can be attained in several ways, including signing up for the PSA Collector’s Club. Loupe credits can be stacked, and do not expire! They can be used at any Loupe Live Partner shop.

You can view your Loupe credit balance as shown below - 




When using Loupe credits, in order to process the transaction, a $5 minimum charge is processed to your approved payment method (this includes shipping charges). If the purchase exceeds your existing Loupe credit balance, the available balance will be deducted from your total purchase, and the remainder will be charged to your approved payment method.

For example, if you have $100 in credit, and purchase an item that is $100, the purchase would use the $5 from your payment method, and $95 of your total Loupe credit balance, leaving a remaining Loupe credit balance of $5. All payments processed, including the $5 processing payment, are subject to applicable state taxes.

Loupe credits must already be in a user’s account in order to be applied to a transaction. Loupe credits may not be applied retroactively to processed transactions.