We’re happy to help where we can in these situations! While we do everything we can to ensure your items are handled with care, we unfortunately have no control over a shipment once the carrier has taken possession.

Despite this, we certainly want to ensure that we do everything we’re able to! Once a package is marked delivered by USPS, there is a 7-day window after that date to report to Loupe that your package is marked as delivered, but has not been received.

Before Loupe can assist however, you will then need to contact your local post office or carrier for assistance. You will want to ensure you have your tracking number handy, and you must contact them after initially informing Loupe prior to Loupe being able to assist further. Once a search request is submitted, the carrier will investigate the situation. Typically there are 3 possible resolutions in these situations:

  • The carrier determines the package was marked as delivered accidentally, which they should be able to confirm for you
  • The package has been delivered to the wrong address, or accepted by an intermediary. We strongly recommend that you check with neighbors, and/or (if applicable) the building manager or front desk of your residence that may have accepted the package on your behalf

  • The package has been lost, which of course we hope is not the case. Confirmation of a lost package can take around 3-5 weeks.

If your shipment was insured, we encourage you to file a claim with the carrier for your items if they are deemed lost. They will be able to work with you towards potential reimbursement.

In the event your items were not insured, please let Loupe Support know! When reaching out, please provide your search request number or ID number once the item has been confirmed lost by the carrier, and we will do our best to assist you further.