Once your package’s tracking information has been entered by the seller, you can track its journey from within the Loupe app by following these steps:

  1. Go to your profile tab on the Loupe app by tapping the silhouette in the bottom right hand corner

  2. Tap “Order History”

  3. Click the orange truck on the right side of the screen next to the order you are looking to track. There will be a truck next to every order that has been shipped (once the shop has entered your package’s shipping information).

Please note that this truck will not appear right away. If the truck is not present, it’s likely the seller has not yet entered your package’s tracking information. Once the information has been entered, the truck will appear!

In the event that 5 business days (M-F, excluding holidays and weekends) have passed since your purchase without tracking information being entered, please contact Loupe Support with your username, purchase date, and shop name. We’ll look into the situation as promptly as possible!

USPS tracking numbers are only valid for 120 days. Please note that due to this limitation, after that 120 day window, tracking may show inaccurate information. At this time, Loupe only allows tracking information from USPS, so UPS tracking information may not be available if that shipping method is utilized. Keep an eye on your email for tracking information!